A wide range of seating systems. We designs and manufactures Seating system for Commercial Vehicles.The product portfolio mainly includes Seating System for Commercial Vehicle Passenger & Goods Carrier i.e. LCV, Trucks & Buses.

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City Bus Seat

  • Category: Basic comfort
  • Application: Urban bus
  • Main features: Light plastic seat shell
    (with and without pads)
    200 variants
  • Unique characteristics: In different colors available

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Class Comfort

  • Category: Standard class comfort
  • Application: Coach
  • Main features: Easy maintenance Simple adaption for different markets Coach seat for Mini- and standard sized bus 200+ variants

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Intercity Mid Class Comfort

  • Category: Medium class comfort
  • Application: Mini-/Midi-Bus Intercity Busses
  • Main features: 420 mm seatplace width

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Coach Class Comfort

  • Category: Top class comfort
  • Application: Coach
  • Main features: Modern styling
    200+ variants
  • Unique characteristics: Vertical grab handles on seatback
    Lumbar support

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Coach VIP Seat

  • Category: Upper Class + VIP-Seat
  • Application: Coach
  • Main features: Seat width 500mm and more
    Wide arm rests 30 variants
  • Unique characteristics: 2+1 Seat layout
    VIP-single seat

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  • Category: Comfortable seating
  • Application: Long Life
  • Main features: High Durability
  • Unique characteristics: Long Life

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Railway Birth

  • Category: Comfort Seating
  • Application: Coach
  • Main features: Seat width 500mm and more
    Wide arm rests 30 variants
  • Unique characteristics: Power Supply and Infrastructure

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Two Wheelers

  • Category: comfort Seating
  • Application: Seat
  • Main features: Modern styling Seats
    200+ variants

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Light Commercial Vehicle

  • Engineering Capabilities: In-house design and engineering Prototype development Product/ System testing and validation
    CAE/ CFD analysis
  • Manufacturing Unit: TM Automotive Seating Systems Private Limited
  • Joint Venture Partner: Magna Seating, USA

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